Hello, I'm Ben!

My name is Ben Stobaugh; I'm currently a rising senior at UT Austin, majoring in Computer Science. Ever since I taught myself how to program in high school (and became obsessed with it), I have been striving to build the most amazing products possible.

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I'm affiliated with:


  • Abnormal Security · Software Engineer
    June 2020 - now
    Helping to stop advanced email attacks.


  • Convergent · Director of Engineering and Build Team Lead
    October 2016 - May 2020
    I am the head of all engineering a at student organization that brings together both business and technical students to build exciting projects every semester. I lead a team of 5 to create custom software for our organization. In addition, I also lead one of our build teams, where I mentor ~30 students on product development and application programming.

  • Convoy · Software Engineering Intern
    May 2019 - August 2019
    I created a dashboard for trailer information, centralizing information previously scattered in 6+ places into one place and also built tools/workflow for ops to publicize/track/manage trailer damage resolution process, previously done in Slack. I had to iterate rapidly to ensure that damages were being reported and resolved before the end of my internship and also communicate with other engineers, data scientists, and ops to ensure my tool fit their needs.

  • Quantcast · Software Engineering Intern
    May 2018 - August 2018
    I was on the Measure team working as a full stack engineer to turn a section of the main monolith server into its own service, using modern frameworks such as React (with Redux) and Java Spark. I also set up our devops flow with Terraform, Jenkins, and Elastic Beanstalk.

  • Qualcomm · DevOps Engineering Intern
    June 2017 - August 2017
    I built several internal tools that aimed to make live easier for managers and engineers alike.

  • Atlas Learning · Software Engineering Intern
    June 2016 - August 2016
    I developed an analytic tracking server using Google BigQuery and NodeJS, as well as an Angular service to allow other developers to easily interact with it.

I've Built:

Alive (some might take a while to load)

  • Groovify · 2017
    Python (Flask), Bootstrap, JavaScript/jQuery/Vue.js, 4chan API
    Listen to the grooviest music from across the web, sourced from YGYL (you groove you lose) threads on 4chan

  • PollBattle · 2016
    Python (Tornado), HTML/CSS, JavaScript/jQuery, WebSockets, MongoDB.
    An online polling service where users have infinite votes. The total amount of votes for each category is displayed in real time to other users as it changes.

  • Presentr · 2015
    Javascript/jQuery/Webkit Speech Recognition, Bootstrap
    A website that uses Google Chrome’s speech recognition to help improve a user’s speaking by highlighting their filler words

  • FactTube · 2016
    Python (Tornado), Bootstrap, Wikipedia API, YouTube API, Microsoft Entity/Bing APIs, JavaScript/jQuery/Handlebars.
    With FactTube, users will enter a YouTube URL, and then the webapp will display the video on a separate page. As the video plays, topics will pop up below the video. Clicking on a topic will pull up the Wikipedia article for the topic and Bing News about the topic.


  • StudyUp · 2014
    Python (Tornado), HTML/CSS, JavaScript/jQuery, WebSockets.
    A competitive studying game where users can play against their friends in a QuizUp style trivia match. All the questions are from their Quizlet flashcards.

  • Peered · 2016
    Python (Tornado), Bootstrap, JavaScript/jQuery, AWS, MongoDB
    Provides on-demand peer reviews. Users can submit their essays to be reviewed as well as review other people’s essays through the site. Essays are pulled from user’s Google Docs

  • Pipette · 2018
    Python (Flask), Twitter API (oauth), MongoDB, Bootstrap, JavaScript/jQuery/Vue.js
    A drag and drop programming editor to create the backend of a website – Supports authentication, cookies, URL variables, redirects, and more

  • Enable v1 · 2017
    Python (Flask), MongoDB, AWS (S3), GRAvatar, Mailgun API, Bootstrap, JavaScript/jQuery/typeahead
    The first version of our portal for Convergent. Users are able to create profiles, add their skills, connect with others, and add incubator proposals. Enable v2 is in the process of being built, as our organizational needs have shifted.

  • MyCanvas · 2017
    Python (Tornado), MongoDB, JavaScript/jQuery, Bootstrap, WebSockets
    A rapid prototyping tool that saves edits from a browser’s DevTools for the world to see

  • Beanstalk · 2016
    Python (Tornado), MongoDB, Twitter API, Instagram API, Tumblr API, Bootstrap, JavaScript/jQuery
    A lightning-fast social media aggregator capable of combining hundreds of accounts from Twitter, Tumblr, and Instagram into one feed

I enjoy: